My Hype Book | A Motivational Journal
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“The presence of humility should not mean the absence of personal accolade.” – TONI PURRY –




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My Hype Book is an in-depth, motivational journal designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment,where personal recognition and reflection become the catalyst for propelling you forward with resolute confidence.

As a PR strategist, I have been an expert at generating hype and confidence for clients for over 20 years. Now, I am equipping individuals with tools that instill steadfast confidence through the power of retrospection and personal inspiration.``

My Hype Book creator, Toni Purry is pivoting slightly from her work as a veteran PR strategist. After building a reputation for garnering high-level exposure for clients by developing brand excitement around their businesses, products, and personalities, she has inked a compelling book that assists individuals in generating similar enthusiasm, but on a very personal level.


From working in both the private and public sectors, to running her own award-winning PR agency for 10 years, Toni understood that the highs and lows of entrepreneurship could be extreme, but when her optimism took a major blow after few devastating business crises, she found herself in a confidence depleted state before drawing inspiration from a most unlikely source.


It was in catching a clip of Muhammad Ali moments before stepping into the ring, where she saw his hype man, Bundini Brown, ardently reminding him of his knockouts and victories. Inspired by that scene, Toni decided she needed to become her own hype person and remind herself about her successes by journaling about her proudest achievements. It was there that she was reminded of her ability, worth and value and that esteem-building process of viewing herself through her success lens immediately turned her world right side up again.


My Hype Book was essentially birthed out of a place of necessity and it was by the encouragement of a close friend whom insisted that others needed a Hype Book as well, that Toni was set out on what became a nine months journey of creating this comprehensive confidence and character building guide for others to enjoy the same.